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October Scratch & Dent


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Product Description

Calling all bargain shoppers! Products marked as “Scratch & Dent” are offered at a discount because they arrived with cosmetic defects. These defects could be something as simple as a messed up label to cracks or dents in the surface of the product to appear slightly misshapen or undersized but because none of that affects the use of the product, the scent, colors, or show in the bathtub we sell them off at a steal. The more damage, the bigger the discount.

The Products:

Damage Level: Medium: Cracks, dustiness, or breaks on ears
Don’t fear the bad luck, when these black cat bath bombs cross your path they will leave you scented in patchouli, vanilla, & black pepper, a dupe of the popular Lord of Misrule fragrance. Accented with hand painted golden eyes and a witchy pentagram.

BITE ME BUBBLE BAT by: Georgia Charms Cosmetics $2.75
Damage Level: Medium: Broken
Crumble this cute bat shaped bar under the tap for mountains of bubbles scented in lime and orange with berries, cherry. Leafy green accents & vanilla. Lavish Exclusive

CAULDRON BUBBLE BOMB by: Whipped Up Wonderful $4
Damage Level: Minimal - dented or misshapen
Drop the cauldron in the bath to release the fizz, then use the cauldron crumbled under the tap yo create lucious bubbles! Scented in a mystical blend of rich berries on a dry green base.

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