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November Scratch & Dent

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Calling all bargain shoppers! Products marked as “Scratch & Dent” are offered at a discount because they arrived with cosmetic defects. These defects could be something as simple as a messed up label to cracks or dents in the surface of the product to appear slightly misshapen or undersized but because none of that affects the use of the product, the scent, colors, or show in the bathtub we sell them off at a steal. The more damage, the bigger the discount. The Products:
Prices with strikeout indicate deeper discount than originally posted

NOVEMBER TIN CAN SOY CANDLE by: Milton & Margies $12 $8 $6
Damage Level: Mild: CONTAINER ONLY - Slightly dented
This soy candle in a cute handpainted tin can captures the crisp air of November, the month when fall gives way to winter. Scented in warm and inviting cedar, sandalwood, apple, cinnamon, and mint.

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