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July Scratch and Dent

$4.00 - $5.00

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Product Description

Calling all bargain shoppers! These products marked as “Scratch & Dent” are offered at a discount because they arrived with cosmetic defects. These defects could be something as simple as a messed up label to cracks or dents in the surface of the product to appearing slightly misshapen or undersized but because none of that affects the use of the product, the scent, colors, or show in the bath tub we sell them off at a steal. See each product description for more details on the damage!


PARTY LIKE 1999 BUBBLE BAR by: Luxe Bleu
Get down with massive bubbles with this super kool Lavish Exclusive solid bubble bath bar shaped like your favorite shades. Just crumble under the tap to get the party started!
Damage Level: broken in the center only

STARLA BATH BOMB by: Belles Soap Etc
Get bodacious with this star shaped air brushed bath bomb with it’s surprise tie-dye explosion of colors scented in juicy peaches, creamy vanilla, and whipped cream.
Damage Level: Cracks or dents in the surface/general dustiness

90s Throwback FULL BOX with Broken Bubble Bar
Damage Level: Bubble Bar ONLY is broken (in the middle)

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